Welcome to The Theo Group, where we “Insure a Brighter Future”.

  We  are a dedicated group that aims to provide our clients with the  resources needed for the enhancement of financial capital and  preservation of their legacy. The Theo Group was created to deliver an  unsurpassed experience to individuals, their families, foundations, and  businesses. By providing advice founded on a culture of excellence and  driven professional insight, the team’s professionals deliver the  resources of a variety of different carriers within the context of an  elite, independent family office. Our team of advisor and affiliates  have a combined experience of over 40 years, and are equipped to guide  you in achieving your financial and personal goals.   

At the core of our services is a disciplined process, that begins and  ends with our clients. This process has served our clients well for  over 10 years. Our mission is simple: to help insure our clients with a  brighter future.   We provide a complete range of advice to clients that  include individuals, family offices, corporations, foundations and  endowments, pension funds and corporate retirement plans.  We deliver  the customized guidance and support you need to meet your long-term  goals and objectives, weather volatile times, today and in the future.   If you would like to know more about how our disciplined process and  personalized services can help you meet your financial goals and needs,  please contact me. 

Our Philosphy